Malawi gambling legislation

Casino goers in Malawi may enjoy gaming with minimal restrictions and lax laws. While not as widespread, the capital has a good selection of casinos with a variety of games.

Lilongwe has 3 casinos, 30 table games, and 113 slot and poker machines. Pirates Casino is the most popular operator, with 9 tables and 100 slots. Despite the choices, sports betting remains popular among Malawians.

The Malawi Gaming Board (MGB) is governed under the first Gambling Act of 1996. Since then, the Board has been charged with regulating gambling, controlling and licensing gaming venues, collecting gaming taxes, and dealing with players and operators. Compared to other African nations, MGB has done an excellent job protecting players.

To maintain such high standards, operators must follow tight restrictions. Keeping this in mind, not all types of gambling are legal, and those that are must adhere to a set of rules and regulations. Before we get into semantics, these are the MGB-approved kinds of gambling in Malawi:


Any casino games that employ cards, dice, machines, or gadgets to determine a win or loss for money, property, cash, credit, or anything of value (other than a chance to play another game), including roulette, bingo, blackjack, and baccarat. The Board might also grant exceptions if operators are undertaking an unusual

Online casino

Online gambling is not regulated in Malawi, thus players may wager on casino sites without trouble. Players must gamble on foreign sites since there are no local online operators. Due to the great demand for this kind of entertainment, many players fall for shady operators that lack assistance from the gaming board and are not responsible for safeguarding gamblers who register on foreign sites.

The good news is that reliable review sites that authorize Malawi online casinos can entirely avoid this problem. Their gamers may find regulated casinos with fair terms and conditions, easy payment options, and attractive starter bonuses. Gamblers may also learn about certain games and even play them for free before playing for real money.


Sports betting is the most popular category in Malawi. It’s perfectly legal, but only regulated companies may accept real-money bets. The sole sort of gambling authorized is Premier Betting, which may alter in the future years given the country’s prominence in sports and the possible influx of capital.

Fans may place bets on prominent sports including soccer, tennis, basketball, and others. eSports and exotic bets, which include competitive betting on games like GO and League of Legends, are also authorized. Players may also bet on the weather, the Oscars, and even the end of the planet.

While sports betting is allowed in Malawi, players prefer mobile sportsbooks. Not just for their ease, but also for their low cost. Many cannot afford desktops or laptops, but a suitable device is far less expensive. Premier Bet was the first app published for Android and iOS in 2016.


While the lottery has a large following in Malawi, Gidani International Limited is the sole licensed operator (GIL). But it wasn’t until 2015 that GIL got a five-year license. Previously, there were lotteries in Malawi, but they were suspended in 2012 owing to a lack of funding and business understanding.

Gambling is booming in Malawi. While it suffered during the epidemic, casino entertainment is steadily returning as new genres and games are developed. Lotteries, slot machines, and table games are open to everyone over the age of 18.

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